#DOC Briefings

  • Format

    DOC Briefings are a unique opportunity for experts across different sectors to share and explore knowledge, insights and ideas on the digitalization of the world’s oceans. The format is simple.
    Each Briefing opens with a 15 minutes discussion on a given topic with a chosen expert. The following 15 minutes are dedicated to a Q&A session to which all attendees are invited to participate.

  • Goal

    These Briefings have been designed to be short, so that they can be a relaxing break in the midst of a busy day. They have also been developed to provide an interactive experience, ensuring that all participants feel like they are part of the discussion.
    So please, join us for our next briefings. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Maritime Cyber Collaboration – A Networked Response to Maritime Threats

29 JUNE 2021 / Online

Maritime threats endanger the free flow of commerce as well as safety and security. Threats frequently involve multiple agencies within a government, the private sector, as well as multiple countries. A recent focus on interagency coordination, regional frameworks, crisis management, and maritime cyber security cooperation is a positive development. Brian Wilson discussed key elements of a networked approach, future challenges, and what we can learn from responses spanning the globe over the past two past decades.

Transport 4.0 - Securing a Digital World

11 MAY 2021 / Online

Andy Jones, Head of Research at the Information Security Forum and former CISO Maersk Line, touched on the subject of cyber security within the highly digitalized world of maritime logistics. He showcased the importance of finding a balance between ensuring efficient transport among globally operating organisations, supported by highly effective software, and at the same time protecting the very core of global trade from cyber attacks. In doing this, he provided a closer look at how the challenges at hand can be realistically manoeuvred.

The Advantages of Introducing Blockchain to the Maritime Domain

25 MAR 2021 / Online

Anja Blaj, President of Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia and CSO at Future Law Institute introduced blockchain as a multifaceted tool that is able to surpass its main purpose in cryptocurrency. She shone a light on the connections necessary that can elevate blockchain from its general field of use and elaborate on the opportunities for the maritime sector.

Digitalisation of the Oceans: Operational Technology - Has Cyber Threat Found a Backdoor?

26 JAN 2021 / Online

Julian Clark, Global Senior Partner of Ince Law, was the second guest speaking for the DOC Briefings. His session analyzed the ways digitalisation is shaping and transforming the maritime sector.

Digital Oceans: Setting the Scene

14 DEC 2020 / Online

As the first guest, Dr Alix Valenti inaugurated the DOC Briefings by opening up the discussion on the challenges of defining digitalization, especially in such a wide domain.