Welcome to the #DOC

  • What is the Digital Ocean Cluster?

    Bringing together leading experts from academia, the private sector, government entities and international organizations, the Digital Ocean Cluster (DOC) is a unique platform to discuss current trends and experiences related to the increased digitalization of the world’s oceans.

  • Why create a Digital Ocean Cluster?

    Today, digitalization is everywhere. From communications to transportation, all the way through to security and defense, digital technologies have become a regular fixture of our daily lives. Yet what constitutes ‘digitalization’ is as ill-defined as it is ubiquitous, leaving ample room for legal interpretation and security breaches.

    Ships operating across the world’s oceans today, whether they serve commercial or security and defense purposes, are no exception. Increasingly connected and autonomous, these ships raise important questions notably with regards to cyber security, maritime safety and maritime law enforcement.

    Concerned with what can be seen as an increasing digitalization of world’s oceans, Professor Anna Petrig, Chair of International Law and Public Law, University of Basel, with the administrative support of global information and technology company AMC Solutions, decided to create the DOC in September 2020. The DOC is a chance to create a network of experts committed to defining and addressing some of the key issues and challenges related to the digitalization of the world’s oceans. 

  • What are the activities of the Digital Ocean Cluster?

    As we navigate through the broad variety of topics which we aim to address within the Digital Ocean Cluster, we invite you to participate. Seize the opportunity to actively contribute to a better understanding of the complexity of the maritime sector.

    Join our Digital Ocean Cluster Briefings for brief monthly discussions on the latest developments within the maritime domain and receive exclusive updates by our SMEs on the challenges that lie ahead.

  • How to connect?

    The DOC is, first and foremost, a network of experts. At its core is the idea of fostering meaningful debates and knowledge transfer linking academia – too often left out of the equation – with experts from a broad range of sectors – industry, legal, government, international organizations.
    These exchanges are facilitated through Digital Ocean Cluster Briefings providing news, information, and insights on the latest developments with regard to the digitalization of the maritime domain.